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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
How long would it take to have my bag back?
• It should be about a week counting from the day your bag arrives to us.
Will the replacement be the exact same part or color?
• We will match color/parts as close as possible.
Do you have any warranty?
• After our customer have collected their bag, we will warranty our repaired item for 2 months.
How will my bag look after the repair?
• Unlike fabric, leather may not retain its original due to the wear and tear. However, we will try our best to sew back in the old seem to keep the repair neat as possible.
Do you have any other service than repairing?
• Yes, we do have made-to-order bags for one piece and up. Although the amount is limited as we are not a manufacturing factory.
How do I pay for my repair?
• If you were to repair by mail, the customer needs to pay before receiving the service by transferring money to the account of Bag Estate Company Limited. After the transaction is completed, you have to send your first name, last name and the proof of payment to either our Email: [email protected] or our Line: @mrbagfix
How can I get an estimate on the repair?
• You can email us at [email protected].
How can I use your service?
• If you choose to send your bag by mail, complete the price estimation form on the “By Mail” tab or email us at [email protected]. Our customer service will response to you shortly. If you decide to repair, you can mail the bag to us via postal service.
The address is as follow:
Bag Estate Company Limited.
34, 36 Pattanakarn Soi 30 Pattanakarn Road
Suanluang, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand.

• Or drop off your bag to one of our operating shops.
** Additional Suggestions
• We recommended our customers to use the service of an insurance mailing done by Thailand Post as they would have certain special protection if there were to be any damages faulted by the postal office. For more information on postage, web: Thailandpost.com

Thank you for choosing to use the service of Mr.Bag-Fix